These Friends Of Ours

“Show me who your friends are and I’ll show you who you are.”


It’s difficult to take a good, hard look at your life. Sometimes, though, the difficult becomes necessary. As filmmakers, we spend our days either listening to or telling other people’s stories.  This is an on-going project about us, told in the most intimate way we possibly could, through our closest friends.

Let us in, and let us show you. This movie is about our generation. It’s about our friends. So, in the end, it’s about us.



Meet Deb Oh from Deb Oh and the Cavaliers! We stopped by and filmed one of their rehearsals recently. She is one of our favorite people, not because she is our friend but because she is inspiring and we love her music!


Meet Spencer, he is the most adventurous person we know. We spent a day with him on a boat. Not only did he live on a boat for a few months, he did it during the dead of winter. He doesn’t believe in the traditional means of shelter. Where there is adventure, there is Spencer. You might run into him on an Amtrak in the US, on a bike in Africa or in a tent on a Brooklyn rooftop. Wherever he is, you know he’s having the best time.