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Chanel "This Is Gabrielle"

When They See Us *B Cam Op/2nd unit DP*

Emmy Nominated, Outstanding Cinematography 2019
Emmy Nominated, Outstanding Limited Series 2019
Peabody Award Winner


AKA Jane Roe

Land Rover x The Wing x Comme Si

Trial by Media

Critic's Choice Real TV Award, Best Crime/Justice Series

Emerging Hollywood (series)

HP "Proud Portraits"

The Prospect Park Film (teaser)

the bed . psythology (short film)

Bud Light "Bud Knight Celly Dance"

Woman in the Room

Everything is Copy (feature film)

Emmy Nominated for Outstanding Documentary 2016
Critic's Choice Documentary Award Winner 2016
Palm Springs Film Festival Best Documentary Award Winner 2016

New York Film Festival 2015

The Future is Bright (short film)

Riverrun Film Festival 2018, Marfa Film Festival 2018, New Orleans Film Festival 2018,
Baltimore Film Festival 2018, MVAAFF 2018, Tacoma 2018, Cucalorus 2018,
Bushwick Film Festival 2018, Berlin Feminist Film Festival 2019

She Got Game (trailer)

Flin Flon (feature film)

Cinequest Film Festival 2018, Chain Film Festival 2018, Southside Film Festival 2018
Outstanding Cinematography Winner at Oil Valley Film Festival 2018

Soojung Dreams of Fiji (short film)

Audience Award Winner at the Asian American International Film Festival 2018
LA Shorts International Film Festival 2018

Love Mom (short film)

Ford "Go Further"

30 for 30: Qualified (feature film)

SXSW 2019

Deporting Myself (short film)

Marfa Film Festival 2019, Brooklyn Film Festival 2019,
Coney Island Film Festival 2018, Berkshires International Film Festival 2018

BKPI (series)

Outfest 2017, Frameline 2017, Los Angeles Film Festival 2017

Bonding (Short Film)

Independent Film Festival Boston 2016

Dior "Poison Girl"

Nike "No Regrets"

The Better Half (series)

The Widowers (feature film)

Honda "50 States"

Superbowl XLVI spot

The GlobalHER Project

Sondre Lerche "Legends"